Are you a practitioner looking to work with us? 

Fabulous! Read on.


We offer two options: room rental and income split.


Room rental:


We have 5 rooms available for massage or meeting people for therapy, coaching etc.


4 are approx. 7' X 11'  

1 is approx 10' X 10'


These rooms are available as follows:




To apply to rent a room, please fill out this form and we'll get back to you as soon as we are able. 


In this model, you will be bringing your own clients, and The Space for Wellness Inc. will not be responsible for marketing your services. 

We will supply the furnishings and linens. You will also process your own payments.


Income split:


We are looking to partner with select practitioners for an income split model.


You will keep 45% of any payments for your services. 


We provide the space, linens, promote you on our website and social media and work to bring in the clients for you.


You will plan your availability on our online calendar a month in advance. 


To apply for this model, fill in this form.




Pricing and business model is subject to change with 7 days notice.

The Space for Wellness is a quiet zone. Only work that can be done reasonably quietly is appropriate for our space. 

Rental fees must be paid upfront. 

Rental spaces are accessible 7 days a week. 

Space Manager is on duty from 11- 7 Wed. - Sun. 

During other times, practitioners can let their clients know they will be met at the door at the time of appointment.