Our Gorgeous Space!

Here's a sneak peek inside The Space for Wellness. Our co-founder Annie Chan designed the space with a commitment to a beautiful calm minimalism.

She chose prints from Reeta Ek, a Finnish artist.

Annie says, "Her art just spoke to me while I was envisioning the center. It's moving and serene at the same time. Full of postive energy, great colour schemes."

"More than anything, I wanted the space to be clean, fresh and inviting. That's why I chose a minimalist look and neutral colours - to let clients unwind from their busy lives in an unobtrusive space and hopefully remember to take care of themselves as most of their day may be focused on others. So I avoided strong patterns and colours and opted instead for softness throughout."

"All this softness of colour and minimalist design is paired with the gentle aroma of essential oils to awaken latent feelings of peace. I hope the desire to make people feel comfortable is clear when each person enters the center."

We have five treatment rooms with various set-ups. Two rooms are suitable for massage, facials and anything you need a bed for.

One room has armchairs, perfect for couples or family counselling. Another has a desk and armchair. And furniture can always be moved around to suit.

And one room is kept flexible. Our Thai Massage Mat can go in there, or any of the chairs or desks can be moved in to suit the needs of the service offered.

Practitioners looking to work with us can get in touch here. We'd love to hear from you.