Meet Lisa Petsinis - Career Coach and Life Coach

Lisa Petsinis is a certified coach (ACC CDCS) who works with strong and resourceful women who are trying to do it all and lost themselves in the mix.

She's a guide on their journey to stepping into their own power and she helps them unveil what they want faster and with greater ease, so they can create a purpose-driven life without chaos and guilt.

Her extensive background in HR in corporate showed her the potential of working with people to help them realize their career dreams. Taking that experience into her own practice has allowed her to take a more holistic approach as needed - addressing her client's whole life as well as career.

Lisa is on a mission to reduce overwhelm and create more confidence, hope, joy, and success. Career is so important to our quality of life. After all, we spend more hours at work than in any other area of our lives!

And many of us have fallen into a line of work we didn't plan or are no longer interested in. Yet making change can be hard. In the video below, Lisa briefly outlined how she helps people make decisions to change careers and support them through the change.

Advancing in your career can be equally challenging. You may need to upgrade some skills, present yourself differently or gain confidence that you really can do it! Working with Lisa can help you get clear on your goals, tackle any fears and have a plan to advance with her support.

Lisa is trained to ask the right questions to help you find your way - and what's stopping you. In this video she talks more about her process and how the right questions are a key part of it.

In this next video, Lisa describes some of her packages.

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