Hair Loss Recovery

If you've been in to The Space For Wellness, you have likely met Jeanne. Jeanne is our Lead Aesthetician and a scalp and skin specialist.

One of the many services she offers is Hair Loss Recovery. Jeanne shared with me her own story of hair loss. Years ago, her hair was thinning so dramatically she didn't know what to do.

It was affecting her self-esteem and she had spent some time searching for a remedy. She went so far as to looking into hair transplant surgery and was debating whether to spend over $15,000 to try this route.

Luckily, Jeanne discovered some great products and a therapy that helps to naturally regrow hair, and she is passionate about helping others who are facing thinning hair or hair loss.

This process works for men and women. The products are made from 99% natural and botanical ingredients, and the regime is a combination of in-office procedures and in-home follow-up with products you take home.

The products acts simultaneously on 15 biological factors involved in hair thinning and growth. It strengthens and stimulates volume and the capillary bulb, for denser and stronger hair, while slowing hair loss.

For more information about this process, book your appointment for a consultation today. You can all 416 516 9555 or book online here.