Dynamic Thai Massage with Becca

I've had Dynamic Thai Massage with Becca before and now that she's joining us at The Space for Wellness, I look forward to many more heavenly sessions to come.

If you're new to it, it's quite different than other massage techniques. You are dressed, in loose comfortable clothing, and it's done on a mat on the floor. There are no oils and it's a combination of accupressure, stretching, rocking, kneading and assisted yoga postures on the Sen (Meridian) lines in the body. Even one session can provide relief from stiffness, pain and tension, and promote full-body energetic clearing and rejuvenation.

Personally, I found it gave me all the benefits of a great yoga session and a massage all rolled into one glorious relaxing and energizing (I know... weird, right?) session.

Becca is amazing and it's clear she loves what she does. I felt so cared for and nurtured throughout the whole session.

For me, massage is a huge part of my self-care as a busy entrepreneur and mom.

Thai massage with Becca eased my aches and pains, left me limber and feeling great physically, but it also was a vacation for my mind. I felt peaceful and focused after, and ready to take on the world!

To book your Dynamic Thai Massage, call 416 516 9555.