Dr. Tracey Debi D.C. - She's about more than just back cracking!

Many people avoid seeing a chiropractor- and suffer unnecessarily through pain, because they think that all chiropractors do is "crack backs".

Dr. Debi D.C. worked with us to create this video so you can see how she assesses and decides how to treat a patient.

She has many tools she can use - for example the cupping - she demonstrates in this video to help relieve your pain without any "back cracking" or adjustments.

She also does a thorough assessment to find out what kind of lifestyle factors are contributing to your pain, and ways you can adapt your habits to get more movement and stretch in those sore spots.

Earlier this year, I saw her for pain in my hip and upper back. I did get the adjustments (for the first time ever in my life) for the back pain and it wasn't scary at all.

For the hip pain, she tested my range of motion and showed me some easy stretching I could do at home. I was a bit shocked at how fast those stretched cleared up the pain and increased my mobility! It seemed like too easy of a solution for something that had been bothering me for a while.

Dr. Debi D.C. is at The Space for Wellness every Wednesday! Book to see her by calling 416 516 9555 or by using the online booking link.

Your body will thank you!