An Introduction

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday to all of you beautiful people out there.

I want to formerly introduce myself to you as it is polite, right, and the start of something great, of something fresh, and something fun. I hope you enjoy this little piece of the journey with me. I'm excited to co-create in this wonderful way with you all! My name is Karly VanEvery, and I am a happily, certified Reiki Master, running my reiki business out of The Space for Wellness in Roncesvalles, Toronto.

What is reiki, you may wonder?

I did too, after I received the message of reiki through a dream when I was 23 years young.

I researched like heck!

Having no idea, but knowing from my spirit guides (yeah, I went there) that it would help, "heal."

Reiki is a holistic healing modality, that works with universal energy, and focuses predominantly (but, not only) on the main energy points within your body known as your chakra systems. In my personal experience, with self-energy work, and on my incredible, and amazing clients, it is powerful.

It is wise, and it IS accurate, every time. You can come in for a session one day, and on a different day a week or two or three later, have it be a completely different experience!

Why? It's because we are momentous beings.

We are moment-to-moment evolving in our own special way. Reiki, in my work, allows for more wellbeing to flow more easily and consistently into your mental body, physical body, and spiritual body. It is pure, positive, energy.

Now, moving forward - I'm excited to announce that I will be a contributing author of weekly blogs here!

It is my delight to offer you some of what I've learned and continue to learn.

What you can expect from my weekly blogs? Have you ever wondered HOW to shift your energy in certain situations, how to level up?

I'm talking about REAL leveling up, no holding back, no false pretenses - I'm talking about that relationship with you and you!

Who are your spirit guides?

How can you develop your intuition?

What even is your intuition?

What do synchronicities mean?

How to allow universal energies more into your life, and what it feels like working with it all?

I'm sure more will come up as these are weekly, intuitive blogs. This is what I work with on a daily basis, this is what feeds my soul.

This is me.

Fully, unapologetically, but more importantly, harmoniously, peacefully, all that I am, and all that I want to offer. It's so nice to meet you, and thank you for being here! Let's get started...