In a safe group setting, Michael will guide students through various mindfulness techniques that will help them:

* become more aware and present in any situation

* use the techniques to alleviate stress

* apply a process that allows them new power when difficult emotions arise

* create more compassion and inner peace

Mindfulness is a simple yet effective way to navigate through life with more ease and flow, not being as triggered by circumstances or other people.

We will have the benefit of doing this in a group to support one another and learn from one another’s journey.

Course material will include exercises to try at home, context for why mindfulness is needed in our lives, and inspiration to help you develop a daily practice throughout the course.

This course might be for you if you’ve ever experienced anxiety, been overwhelmed by feelings, find yourself more reactive to those around you, have trouble falling asleep at night, or find it increasingly difficult to be with yourself without reaching for a phone or television.

Mindfulness can be an effective part of an overall health strategy in conjunction with your current health interventions.


Students will receive hand-outs, recordings, and a one-on-one session with Michael to support their learning throughout the course.


Michael McCarthy is a registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist and Breathwork Practitioner. Michael blends nature connection, meditation & mindfulness, somatic awareness, Clarity Breathwork, ancestral & generational healing, art therapy, and Satir family systems therapy to help his clients access their vitality and soul’s calling in order to meet their lives with greater agency and empowerment.


For any inquiries about course content, please contact Michael at