The Space for Wellness Etiquette & Policies

Appointments & Consultations

To schedule an appointment or consultation, please use our online booking platform or contact our concierge at 416-516-9555. We look forward to meeting you and working with you to begin your wellness journey.

Entering the center

  • Each guest should check in with our center concierge.

  • A picture or other form of ID may be required.

  • Guests and personal belongs are not permitted behind the front desk unless authorized by a concierge.

  • The entire client packet, including a liability waiver, must be completed before using the facility. All information will be kept confidential.

  • Concierge has the right to accept or deny any guest or client the right to use the facility at the center’s sole discretion.


    The Space for Wellness is staffed with a full-time licensed nutritionist and/or aesthetic professional.  Volunteers and/or other personnel may be present at different times; each person is fully aware of the facility contents and its services.  We are excited to answer any questions you may have regarding your healing path, wellness plans and our pre or post-treatment products.


    Billing & Payment

  • We accept the following forms of payment: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Money Order, E-transfer and The Space Gift Cards.
  • Fees vary with each practitioner, please see our wellness associate profile for further details.

  • Fees must be paid before use of the facility is permitted.

  • Certain services may be covered by your company's insurance. Please ask when booking for more information.


    Emergency & Safety Procedures

  • All guests must enter and exit the facility at the main entrance.

  • In the event of an emergency, please notify wellness associates immediately.

  • The emergency exit is at the back of the facility, as well as the 1st Aid Kit and fire extinguisher. For emergency assistance, find the nearest associate member.


    Etiquette & Dress Code

  • Each guest is expected to exhibit common courtesy and respect fellow participants and associates at The Space for Wellness.

  • Language should be appropriate at all times.

  • The Space for Wellness associate has the authority to remove any member or guest from the premises due to offensive behavior.

  • Appropriate attire is required at all times by participants.

  • Clothing must cover undergarments during all activities in the common areas.

  • The Space for Wellness reserves the right to require any member to change into appropriate clothing and/or footwear during use of the facility.

  • No food is allowed beyond the front desk; drinks in containers with secure lids are permitted on the condition they are not in the direct proximity of center electronics.

  • While the center provides cleaning of the facilities, abuse of the facilities, its contents and fixtures, including furniture and equipment may result in the cancellation of services and legal action.

  • The use of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products is prohibited in the facility at all times.

  • Children must be attended or supervised by an adult/guardian at all times while inside the facility. Exceptions are made at the discretion of center management.

  • Due to privacy restrictions, clients who bring their cell phones and/or media devices may not take pictures or videos while inside the facility without management approval and guidance.

  • The Space for Wellness is meant to be a serene sanctuary for all our clients; please use your phone/media device discreetly with sensitivity to disturbance concerns. The center retains the right to request that any media device be turned off as required.


    Client Forms

    Client rights and policy may be viewed upon request.


    Client Records

  • It is critical that we have your current address, phone number and email address on file.  Please make sure our front office is made aware of any changes.

  • For your convenience, we utilize a text message and email appointment reminder service.  One-click confirmation or simple text response, plus the ability to add to the calendar via your mobile device.

     Appointment Punctuality Policy

  • The Space aims to serve all clients in a timely manner, and as we are equally obliged to subsequent clients, we ask our clients to arrive few minutes ahead of schedule in order to enjoy your maximum stay with your practitioners.

  • For clients arriving late or doing personal tasks during your appointment, we will maximize your experience up to the allotted time booked.

     Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations with less than 1 business day notice and no-shows will be charged 50% of booked service rate or $30.00, whichever is higher.

  • Appointment cancellations MUST be made in writing via email or text message.  The Space for Wellness reserves the right to require a prepayment of $200 to schedule future appointments for clients who have canceled within 1 business day or have had a prior no-show.

  • Our answering service does not accept appointment cancellations or changes.

  • Injection appointments have a separate cancellation policy detailed in the following section



     Injection Booking & Cancellation Policy

  • We require a $100.00, non-refundable deposit for a 1st-time visit with the doctor.

  • Less than 2 business days’ notice or no-show appointments will be charged the full appointment rate.

  • The Space for Wellness reserves the right to require a prepayment of $200 to schedule future injection appointments for clients who have canceled within 2 business days or No-Showed.


    Skin Treatment Packages Purchase & Cancellation Policy (Fotofacial, Dermapen, SkinBooster™, eMatrix, Microneedling, Advance Peels, etc.)

  • No less than 2 business days’ notice for cancellation or changes.

  • No-show appointments will lose that treatment from their package.

  • Special pricing is extended when packages are purchased, therefore, packages are pre-paid.

  • Once a package is purchased it has no cash value, cannot be exchanged for other services or transferred to another client.


    Product Return Policy


    The Space for Wellness does not accept returns on any product purchased. However, we are happy to exchange any unopened products within 5 days of original purchase for another product. On rare occasions, there may be a product that you have sensitivity to, in which case we will schedule an appointment with a Client Coordinator to discuss the use of the product and the sensitivity that you may be experiencing within 14 days of original purchase.

    Treatment Return Policy

    Session refunds are at the discretion of our practitioners, please speak to our wellness associate for further details.

    Not a The Space for Wellness Client yet?

    To schedule your complimentary consultation, please speak with our wellness specialist at 416-516-9555 or book online.

    Why The Space for Wellness?

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