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Our Story

We're Shayla and Destiny Polk, two sisters from Louisiana who are passionate about helping people live healthier, happier lives. We believe that everyone deserves to have their best life—and we know that when you're feeling good, it's easier for you to do the things that make you happy. We started The Space for Wellness because we want to help people who need it. We've been through some tough times ourselves, so we know how difficult it is to find the tools and support you need to get through them.

Shayla's story is not uncommon. She was a high achiever, but she struggled with depression and suicidal ideation. Because she hid it behind a smile, no one knew how much she struggled. She hid it well because she didn't want anyone to think she was different or less than them. She battled for years before seeking out the help she needed which included therapy, coping skills, and self-care. She went on to graduate with her bachelors in sociology and masters in social work during which time she continued in therapy due to life and financial stressors. She went on to create a solid career and obtained a doctorate in clinical social work and now has made it her life mission is to help others who have gone through what she has gone through by providing them with support, education and resources so they too can experience holistic wellness. 

Destiny story is similar but yet not the same. After graduating with bachelors in accounting and her her masters in business administration, Destiny struggled to find a job in her field  like the one she had envisioned for herself—but instead found herself working as a part time substitute teacher and a part time retail sales associate while looking for something more stable. This left her with no financial stability and depression consumed her due to her financial stressors. While Destiny was struggling with depression and finding a job, she began to post positive affirmation sticky notes on her mirror in her bathroom to encourage herself daily which helped to decrease her depression. After putting in over 200 applications in her field of work. She found a job through an employee workforce agency, which led to a job in her career. 

When the times were tough, they learned how to budget their monthly food and utilities expenses, they worked together to build each other up, they practiced gratitude exercises, positive affirmations, they talked about their goals, they encouraged each other whenever one felt discouraged, but most of all, they supported each other in their personal journeys. Shayla and Destiny realized that they could do more than just survive—they could thrive!

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help you make holistic well-being a priority by giving
you the support, education, assistance and guidance to take confident
and affective actions toward improving your holistic well-being through
facilitation of behavioral and lifestyle changes that will positively affect
your mind, body, and finances. The concept of holistic Wellness focuses
on social, emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, and financial
dimensions. Each of these dimensions are interrelated, which is why we
focus on the relationship between them by addressing and
understanding how one dimension can lead to concerns in other dimensions. 


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